The LeARner Collective

We believe that Arkansas educators know what our students and schools need to be successful. The LeARner Collective is an opportunity for school teams to work together to develop creative and practical solutions to address the challenges they face.

Forward is excited to kick off the first phase of this new initiative in January 2024 to provide resources and support to schools.

Phase 1: Creating Conditions for Student Success

Forward is excited to partner with Arkansas educators to support your ongoing commitment to putting students at the center of everything you do. Educators are problem solvers by nature. Through this program, we seek to empower you with more time and space to step back, reflect on what is happening in your school, and determine better ways to utilize strengths and address challenges. The LeARner Collective is an opportunity for a team from your school (principal, teachers, and other staff members) to work together – with guidance and support from respected Arkansas and national partners – to develop creative and practical solutions to address those challenges. This first cycle will specifically focus on Creating Conditions for Student Success in your school.

Over the course of six months, school teams across the Northwest and Delta regions will explore ideas and solutions to improve structures, routines and practices. We are partnering with 2Revolutions to facilitate deep coaching support for educators and schools as they work to answer the question: “How might we create sustainable conditions to improve learning for all students?”

Below is a full list of the participating schools:

  • Ardis Ann Middle School, Bentonville
  • Explore Academy, Pine Bluff
  • Friendship Aspire Academy, Downtown Pine Bluff
  • Gentry Middle School, Gentry
  • Gentry Primary School, Gentry
  • Grimsley Junior High School, Bentonville
  • James Matthews Elementary School, Pine Bluff
  • Jerry "Pop" Williams Elementary School, Farmington
  • Lowell Elementary School, Rogers
  • Marvell-Elaine Elementary School, Marvell-Elaine
  • Marvell-Elaine High School, Marvell-Elaine
  • Northside Elementary School, Rogers
  • Oakwood Preschool, AR River Education Service Cooperative, Pine Bluff
  • Pea Ridge Intermediate School, Pea Ridge
  • Pea Ridge Primary School, Pea Ridge
  • Pine Bluff Junior High Academy, Pine Bluff
  • Southwood Elementary School, Pine Bluff
  • Randall G. Lynch Middle School, Farmington
  • Taylor Elementary School, White Hall
  • White Hall High School, White Hall

Participating schools will receive a $5000 grant to support their work through the program (e.g., stipends, substitutes, travel, supplies).

Click here for more program details.

Thanks to everyone who attended one of our regional listening sessions in Fall 2023. By attending, you helped us:

  • Better understanding of the challenges schools and communities are facing.
  • Explore solutions that work for your community to transform the future of learning.

For more information, please contact Courtney Lincoln ( or Meghan Thompson (