The LeARner Collective

We believe that Arkansas educators know what our students and schools need to be successful. The LeARner Collective is an opportunity for school teams to work together to develop creative and practical solutions to address challenges they face.

Forward is excited to launch the first cycle of this new initiative in October to provide resources and support to your schools.

New Opportunities
Cycle 1: Creating Conditions for Student Success

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Forward is excited to partner with Arkansas educators to support your ongoing commitment to putting students at the center of everything you do. Educators are problem solvers by nature. Through this program, we seek to empower you with more time and space to step back, reflect on what is happening in your school, and determine better ways to utilize strengths and address challenges. The LeARner Collective is an opportunity for a team from your school (principal, teachers, and other staff members) to work together – with guidance and support from partners – to develop creative and practical solutions to address those challenges. This first cycle will specifically focus on Creating Conditions for Student Success in your school.

Over the course of six months, school teams across the Northwest and Delta regions will explore ideas and solutions to improve structures, routines and practices. We are partnering with 2Revolutions to facilitate deep coaching support for educators and schools as they work to answer the question: How might we create the conditions to improve and sustain learning for all students?”

Participating schools will receive a $5000 grant to support their work through the program (e.g., stipends, substitutes, travel, supplies).

What do we mean by “conditions?”

Anything that impacts learner success, such as teacher practices, staff roles, scheduling, etc. School teams will determine what they focus on, but here are examples of what you might explore:

  • Creative scheduling for teachers and staff to unlock flexible planning to better serve students
  • Co-teaching to enable more small-group instruction or targeted intervention
  • Reallocating school budget for resources to improve the culture of learning
  • Integrative and effective implementation of high-quality resources and materials
  • Knowledge and skill building of teachers to support strong pedagogy

Why Join?

  • Connect with educators across your region and the state solving similar problems
  • Learn from one another, national case studies, and best practices
  • Explore, create, and pilot solutions to your existing challenges
  • Experience a fresh approach to professional learning that empowers educators through leadership and capacity building in alignment with local needs
  • Connect with future opportunities to receive additional resources and support

Thanks to everyone who attended one of our regional listening sessions. By attending, you helped us:

  • Better understand the challenges schools and communities are facing.
  • Explore solutions that work for your community to transform the future of learning.

Arkansas Delta Regional Listening Sessions

For Teachers

  • Thursday, 9/14 | Breakfast at 7:30 am | Eliza Miller Opportunity Hub, 106 Miller Loop, Helena-West Helena
  • Wednesday, 9/13 | Breakfast at 6:30 am | Lybrand’s Bakery& Deli

For School Leadership

  • Thursday, 9/14 | Lunch at 11:30 am | Eliza Miller Opportunity Hub, 106 Miller Loop, Helena-West Helena
  • Wednesday, 9/13 | Lunch at Noon | Indigo Blue Coffeehouse, 212 W. Barraque St., Pine Bluff

For Community Members

  • Thursday, 9/14 | Dinner at 5:30 pm | The Bistro Bar & Grill, West Helena
  • Wednesday, 9/13 | Dinner at 5:30 pm | Boys & Girls Club of Jefferson Co., Pine Bluff

Northwest Arkansas Regional Listening Sessions

For Teachers

  • Wednesday, 9/20 | Dinner 6:00-7:30 pm | Whole Hog Cafe, Fayetteville
  • Wednesday, 9/20 | Dinner 6:00-7:30 pm | Gusano's, Rogers

For School Leaders

  • Thursday, 9/21 | Lunch 11 am - 12:30 pm | Local Lime, Rogers
  • Friday, 9/22 | Lunch at 11 am - 12:30 pm | Noodles Italian Kitchen, Fayetteville

For Community Members

  • Friday, 9/22 | Breakfast 8:30-10:00 am | Venue 479, Prairie Grove

For more information, please contact Courtney Lincoln ( or Meghan Thompson (