COVID-19 Crisis: Resources for Districts, Parents and Students

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ForwARd Arkansas
Community Schools: A Solution During a Pandemic

Community Schools strengthen the collaboration among government, nonprofits and other key agencies to meet challenging needs—pandemic-related or otherwise.

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ForwARd Arkansas
Supporting Childcare and Early Childhood Education—During and After COVID-19

While every part of our economy has struggled, childcare is the lynchpin that allows essential workers to work and deserves even more support than the industry is currently receiving.

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ForwARd Arkansas
Meeting Basic Student Nutrition Needs When School is Closed

With the announcement this week that Arkansas’s K-12 education system would not reconvene for in-person instruction this school year, school districts now face a variety of longer-term challenges.

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  • Jerry Jones: Connect Students

    As the doors of our schools closed this spring, most Arkansas families transitioned from students physically going to school to educational content coming to their home via the Internet. But how does a student keep up with their peers if there is no high-speed Internet access at home?

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  • Improving Outcomes for Arkansas Students

    If we want our students to be able to effectively compete in the global market for jobs, we must dramatically improve educational outcomes in our state and consistently make informed and smart decisions on education policy.

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  • Letter to the Editor: Community Schools

    A growing body of educational research supports the community-school model as a success strategy for these schools, students and families. This approach focuses on identifying the needs in a specific school and connecting students and families to community-based resources and supports that can help remove barriers to learning.

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