ForwARd’s Work In Springdale


The Springdale School District is the largest school district in the state of Arkansas with 31 sites serving more than 23,000 students in grades Pre-K through 12. While there are a number of cities in Northwest Arkansas experiencing growth, according to the Northwest Arkansas Metropolitan Transportation Plan, by 2040, population growth for Springdale is expected to grow 150,932—a 113 percent increase.

Springdale School District has one overarching goal—to help students achieve their highest personal potential. With a belief in their students’ potential and promise, Springdale pledges to “teach them all.” Education efforts are based on four areas of focus: student achievement, safety, diversity and partnerships. These pillars support a vision of a staircase to excellence:

  1. Teach them all
  2. Learning for all
  3. Learning together
  4. Graduation ready
  5. Career ready
  6. College ready
  7. Competition ready
  8. Innovative ready

More than one-half of the Springdale student population speaks a second language (primarily), with more than 36 languages spoken.

The District also has the second largest population (over 2,000) of Marshallese children outside of the Islands.

Community metrics

  • 44%

    Third Grade Literacy

    Based on the ACT Aspire Achievement Score (2016-2017)

  • 46%

    Eighth Grade Math

    Based on the ACT Aspire Achievement Score (2016-2017)

  • 84%

    High School Graduation

    Based on the School Report Card

  • 37%

    College Enrollment

    Based on LEA Information

Our Work

Springdale School District embraces the whole child approach to educating as defined by the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD). This approach recognizes that to unlock their potential, children need to be: 1) emotionally and physically safe; 2) healthy; 3) supported; 4) engaged; and 5) challenged. This approach has been demonstrated to mitigate the effects of poverty—a priority in Springdale community.

The Springdale instructional program is innovative, creative, progressive and designed to serve the different learning strengths and learning styles of students.

Educators are ever-mindful that they are preparing young men and women to live and work in an increasingly complex and challenging global society. In partnership with a strongly supportive community, the District is doing just that. Parents are interested and engaged in their children’s education, and many volunteer their talents and services. Springdale has also developed meaningful partnerships with civic organizations, members of the business community, and  other supportive patrons and benefactors.

Looking ForwARd

Springdale’s strategies, in alignment with ForwARd’s strategic priorities, will be implemented over the next one to five years.


In the next three years, the District will strive to ensure all children have early opportunities to build their readiness to learn, which will require obtaining funding for the expansion of Pre-K programs to accommodate all children ages 0-5.

Additionally, the District will work to improve literacy by adopting curriculum specific to ELL students designed to improve literacy.


All students need the ability to problem solve and apply critical thinking skills if they are to be college- and workforce-ready.

Over the next two years, the District will open Phase 2 of its School of Innovation, which will provide students more access to the arts and enable the transition from STEM to STEAM.

Over the next three to five years, Springdale will continue to innovate and provide professional development for teachers and staff to ensure they have the skills needed to support students.


The District will continue to provide access to key resources, whether it is family support for the student, diverse teachers on staff who understand student needs or access to language services so English learners can acquire the language skills necessary for them to succeed.

Over the next five years, in order to meet the goal of all students graduating from the 12th grade ready for the next step—whether that is a career, technical training or college—Springdale will need access to broadband.

To provide access to growing communities, the District will open a number of new elementary schools over the next four years.