We’re turning challenges into change.

What does it take to develop new opportunities for students and communities? Engagement, empowerment, partnerships and resources. So we find ways to bring it all together. Forward Arkansas helps schools with everything from implementing new learning styles and overcoming inertia to closing digital gaps and figuring out funding. Read on to see some of the ways we’ve helped Arkansas schools – then reach out to see how we could help yours.


In 2015, ForwARd Arkansas identified seven focus areas for its work to increase equity and drive enhanced educational outcomes for all students, detailed in their A New Vision for Arkansas Education report.

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Innovation is key to improving the quality of education in Arkansas communities. In the past two years, four promising areas of innovation for Arkansas schools have emerged from ForwARd’s work throughout the state.

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Access to quality, integrated longitudinal data to track outcomes between pre-K, K-12, postsecondary education/training and workforce participation is essential to inform future planning and resource allocation.

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