State of Education in Arkansas - Let Your Voice Be Heard

The impact of education is bigger than just one student and those with whom they interact. It has a ripple effect that impacts the community in which that student lives, our state, its economy and generational future. The responsibility to create a great education system that leads to positive outcomes for every Arkansas student must be shared by more than just one educator, school or system. It should be a collective effort driven by people and organizations who can make lasting change for the better.

That’s where you come in.

We recently launched the State of Education in Arkansas, a statewide study and engagement process to:

  • Elevate progress we’ve made in communities, schools and as a state
  • Establish a shared understanding of where we are currently
  • Layout priorities to accelerate progress in Arkansas education for the future.

With the support of EY-Parthenon, we are hosting stakeholder engagement opportunities to understand how Arkansas is currently performing and identify opportunities for growth moving forward.

The “State of Education” will largely be driven by the input and voice of Arkansans. We need your feedback to ensure our information is complete and to develop a solid direction for the future. Let your voice be heard by contributing to the State of Education in Arkansas survey, available here. This survey can be filled out anonymously and should take around five minutes to complete.

Click HERE to learn more about the State of Education in Arkansas efforts and upcoming engagement opportunities.