Educate Arkansas: AR Kids Read summer camp program for literacy

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Kathy French, executive director of AR Kids Read, is here to talk about their summer program and how they are helping kids.

Kathy French, executive director of AR Kids Read, is here to talk about their summer program, Literacy Playground, and how they’re helping kids with their reading this summer.

This is such an important time for our kids. We typically have the “summer slide,” but studies have shown that kids are also experiencing a significant “COVID slide.” This summer, we'll be working in different locations across Pulaski County to provide children with adventure-based literacy instruction. There will be adventures for our students, but also for our volunteers. There are multiple volunteer opportunities, including being an activity assistant in the Little Rock School District’s program, helping with our Literacy Lab or STEAM program, or doing one-on-one tutoring. There are so many ways to get involved. We have opportunities for all ages, and we offer in-person or virtual options. If you have a love of reading, we can train you and help you find your place. It’s easy to plug in and make a difference. You can visit our website to find out more information.

We saw a lot of pictures right there. Was that from last summer?

A lot of these pictures are from our spring semester. You know, once you introduce books to kids, a lot of times that's all it takes. If you can just get a book in their hand, they get so excited. One of these books up here, the kids got it and they were so excited. There's a dance in the middle of the book and the girls were reproducing the dance on Instagram. It was super fun! And that's what we want to do with this program. Our summer curriculum is all about reading the book and then bringing it to life so students can really engage with the content.

Registration is now open for AR Kids Read Literacy Playground program. For more information, click here.