ForwARd Resources

We are a partnership of parents, educators, civic leaders and policy makers.

Year in Review 2018

The ForwARd team began the year by developing a cohesive plan and related calendar of work centered around our Communities, convenings and partnership building.

Progress to Date (2018)

ForwARd Arkansas was launched in 2014 as a public-private partnership established by the Arkansas State Board of Education, the Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation and the Walton Family Foundation to increase equity and achieve increases in student achievement and economic prosperity for Arkansas.

A New Vision For Arkansas Education

Our vision is that every Arkansas student will graduate prepared for success in college and the workplace

The State of Education in Arkansas Full Report

ForwARd lays out four major findings about the state of education in Arkansas in a 2015 report.

The State of Education in Arkansas Report Summary

ForwARd is committed to working with the rest of Arkansas to change these outcomes in the coming years. And the opportunity is great.

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