We want every Arkansas student to graduate prepared for success.


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  • OPINION | Ben Kutylo: Seek excellence

    Every Arkansas student deserves an excellent education. A report presented to Arkansas' House and Senate Education Committees earlier this month recommends that we should do more to provide our students with the opportunities they deserve, particularly high-need students and those from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

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  • ForwARd Arkansas Names Ben Kutylo Executive Director

    ForwARd Arkansas announced today that Ben Kutylo has been named executive director, effective July 27, 2020. In this role, Kutylo will lead the organization’s work to develop and support the broad implementation of innovative solutions to improve learning and career outcomes for all Arkansas students.

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  • Panelists Discuss ‘Digital Divide’ as Online Education Becomes a Necessity

    The “digital divide” allowing some but not all students access to digital learning involves more than just technology. Meanwhile, the COVID-19 pandemic presents an opportunity for long-term change.

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How to Expand Broadband Access in Your Community

In the final installment of our three-part series on broadband, we're looking into communities. At the Batesville Area Chamber of Commerce, we’ve developed this how-to guide to provide practical, actionable recommendations for community leaders and educators to expand broadband access in their own communities.

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My Digital Divide, My School’s Letter Grade, and My Voice

In the second installment of the three-part series, we shift our focus towards our schools and talk to educators about their first-hand experiences with the disruptive force of the digital divide.

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A Data-driven and Local Perspective of the Digital Divide in Arkansas

In this three-part series, ForwARd Arkansas’ Director of Evaluation and Data Quality Dr. Malachi Nichols digs deeper into broadband data from across the state, sharing perspectives and experiences of those on the ground in schools and communities dealing with the realities of these challenges daily.

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Year in Review 2019

From advancing legislation that supports the needs of Arkansas students, to hosting our second annual Data & Policy Symposium and championing the community schools model, ForwARd implemented impactful initiatives for students and their families in 2019.

Little Rock School District: Associations Between District-Provided Pre-K Attendance and Academic Outcomes

This report examines the potential relationship between attending the district-provided Pre-K program amongst students with similar observable characteristics, using anonymous student-level data points for the 2017-18 and 2018-19 academic years and grades kindergarten to 2nd.

Springdale Public Schools: Associations Between District-Provided Pre-K Attendance and Academic and Non-Academic Outcomes

This report analyzes the associations between district-provided Pre-K attendance and academic and non-academic outcomes for Springdale Public Schools.

A Parent and Teacher Evaluation of Springdale Public School’s District-Provided Pre-K

The goal of this report is to provide a descriptive analysis of the perceptions of quality and effectiveness of one district-provided Pre-K program from the perspectives of current Pre-K parents, Pre-K teachers, and Kindergarten parents.

A Parent and Teacher Evaluation of Pea Ridge School District’s Pre-K Program

This report seeks to expound upon the existing Pre-K literature and gain a more holistic understanding of the effects of Pre-K, by providing a parent and teacher perspective of district-provided Pre-K within an individual community.

ESSA Parent Toolkit Flyer

The ESSA Parent Toolkit Flyer was developed by ForwARd Arkansas in August 2019 to serve as a tool for school districts to educate parents and community members about the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) and about what they can do to support their schools.

ESSA Parent Toolkit

The ESSA Parent Toolkit was developed by ForwARd Arkansas in August 2019 to serve as a tool for school districts to educate parents and community members about the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) and about what they can do to support their schools.

Learning from Earle: Determining Best Practices for Rural Education Policy

This project was carried out under the direction of Dr. Jay Barth, M.E. and Ima Graves Peace Distinguished Professor of Politics and Director of the Arkansas Policy Project, in collaboration with ForwARd Arkansas and with support from the Rural Community Alliance.

Independence Promise Toolkit

This toolkit provides resources that highlight the step by step process of engaging business and community in educational philanthropy and utilizing the local non-profit infrastructure to advocate at the state level.

IMPACT Education Summit Toolkit

This toolkit provides resources for replicating Independence County's IMPACT Education Summit. The summit had approximately 400 attendees included all stakeholders such as educators, parents, students, business leaders, state agencies, local college representatives, etc.