We want every Arkansas student to graduate prepared for success.


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Importance of Community-Based Partnerships Highlighted at 2019 ADE Summit

Jamie Rayford, Community Resource Partner in Independence County, discusses the importance of community-based partnerships in developing effective career education.

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ForwARd Arkansas and Little Rock School District: Innovation for the Future

ForwARd Arkansas, Little Rock School District and community stakeholders are reimagining Project-Based Learning (PBL) at the middle school level.

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Celia Swanson Senior Consultant
Springdale Reads Brings Together Community To Create A Culture Of Love For Reading

Beginning in 2017, Springdale School District, a ForwARd Arkansas community, has placed an emphasis on creating a culture that fosters a love for reading in the community, in schools and at home.

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Independence Promise Toolkit

This toolkit provides resources that highlight the step by step process of engaging business and community in educational philanthropy and utilizing the local non-profit infrastructure to advocate at the state level.

IMPACT Education Summit Toolkit

This toolkit provides resources for replicating Independence County's IMPACT Education Summit. The summit had approximately 400 attendees included all stakeholders such as educators, parents, students, business leaders, state agencies, local college representatives, etc.

Building Capacity to Move from Co-Existing to Collaborating with Community

Schools across our state define engagement in many different ways. This resource highlights how two schools in Independence County have brokered relationships with their community to move from simply co-existing to collaborating and authentic engagement.

Year in Review 2018

The ForwARd team began the year by developing a cohesive plan and related calendar of work centered around our Communities, convenings and partnership building.

Progress to Date (2018)

ForwARd Arkansas was launched in 2014 as a public-private partnership established by the Arkansas State Board of Education, the Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation and the Walton Family Foundation to increase equity and achieve increases in student achievement and economic prosperity for Arkansas.

A New Vision For Arkansas Education

Our vision is that every Arkansas student will graduate prepared for success in college and the workplace

The State of Education in Arkansas Full Report

ForwARd lays out four major findings about the state of education in Arkansas in a 2015 report.

The State of Education in Arkansas Report Summary

ForwARd is committed to working with the rest of Arkansas to change these outcomes in the coming years. And the opportunity is great.

The ForwARd Partnerships at Little Rock School District Toolkit

During the fall of 2017, ForwARd Arkansas and the Little Rock School District partnered together in order to assess the feasibility of implementing a school-community partnership model of learning among the district’s eight middle schools.

Crafting a Bold Vision for Education in Arkansas

On July 2014, WRF and WFF began a long-term partnership with the Arkansas State Board of Education to dramatically transform Arkansas’s public education system.