Springdale School District’s J.B. Hunt Elementary Wins National Blue Ribbon Award

ForwARd Arkansas would like to congratulate J.B. Hunt Elementary, one of only three schools in Arkansas, on their National Blue Ribbon recognition from the U.S. Department of Education. J.B. Hunt Elementary is part of the Springdale School District – a longtime ForwARd Community. The National Blue Ribbon program recognizes both public and private schools for high academic achievement or progress toward closing the achievement gap.

J.B. Hunt Elementary first opened its doors in 2005 in Springdale, Arkansas, thanks to the generous land donation by the founder and CEO of J.B. Hunt Transport and his family. Their district motto, “ALL Means ALL, Teach Them ALL, Learning for ALL,” is something the school holds close to their heart as they work to ensure equal access to a superior education through its mission to provide a personalized education, foster relationships, and increase knowledge by motivating, challenging, and nurturing the whole child.

“I am proud to be part of a great education system that prioritizes a supportive environment not only of our students but their parents and the community as well,” said Michelle Doshier, Principal of J.B. Hunt Elementry. “It is important to me that every person who walks into our school feels welcome and has all the resources they need to be successful.”

The school offers an interactive, hands-on learning with 1:1 technology access, emotional and behavioral support, and extra-curricular enrichment that allows students to come together in a fun and highly collaborative environment to promote growth.

Similarly, students receive a personalized and positive learning experience through effective teaching, vertically-aligned programs, and professional learning communities that meet to address students needs. The overarching framework for instruction at the school is known as Gradual Release, and it allows teachers to guide, differentiate, and give students the strategies needed to master a deeper understanding of the content that is being taught.

With support from ForwARd Arkansas, we are confident J.B. Hunt Elementary will continue working to expand their one-of-a-kind education to other schools in the Springdale School District.

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