Pre-K a Pillar at Southside School District


By investing in high-quality Pre-K, we make sure students start their academic career on the right foot and stay ahead from the beginning. That’s certainly the belief at Southside School District in Independence County.

“Pre-K is not an afterthought – it’s the pillar of our district, the pillar of our community, and it keeps families here,” said Roger Rich, Southside School District Superintendent.



The District is passionate about getting children enrolled into Pre-K programs to better prepare them for kindergarten and beyond. While there, students are gaining social skills, building their creativity through projects, and learning how to be a part of a classroom. This creates a safe environment to help young students develop and soar. Just as their students have developed, Southside’s programs have continuously evolved and grown, adding two new classrooms to increase the number of students they serve.

An increase of $3 million in permanent funding for the Arkansas Better Chance (ABC) program during the 91st Arkansas General Assembly in 2017 to benefit schools across the state, but ForwARd Arkansas believes that ongoing investment in early childhood education is critical to improving educational outcomes in Arkansas and help schools like Southside Preschool get the recognition and funding they need to continue to grow.

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