Pea Ridge Superintendent captures the attention of Summit attendees with District’s commitment to personalized learning and a workforce-ready student body

As Arkansas continues to forge its way as a leader in educational innovation, the Office of Innovation for Education and the Arkansas Department of Education hosted the 4th Annual Education Innovation Summit in September to bring innovators together to network, design, innovate, and reflect on their vision as a community of learners.

Rick Neal, Superintendent of Pea Ridge School District was on site to discuss what Pea Ridge – a ForwARd Community – is doing to revolutionize education for Arkansas students and how their partnership with ForwARd enhances the District’s mission of providing an “Uncommon Education for All.”

Superintendent Neal highlighted Pea Ridge’s focus on personalized learning that emphasizes the individual strengths and needs of each student and their ongoing commitment to creating partnerships with businesses to produce a more employable student body through the Pea Ridge Manufacturing and Business Academy (PRMBA) and the Pea Ridge Exploration of Pathways (PREP). Both PRMBA and PREP are focused on enhancing the traditional education model to provide the next generation with resources and more importantly, skills, needed to thrive on whatever path they choose post-graduation. For example, PRMBA partnered with J.B. Hunt last year to employ two students from the marketing and logistics pathway who have remained employed there to this day.

Their investment in generating a workforce-ready student body garnered a lot of attention from Summit attendees and proved to be a key takeaway to change the course of education for students in communities across the state.

While Pea Ridge School District continues to set a precedent on how to modernize education in Arkansas, Superintendent Neal noted they are not done yet. The District is determined to create new infrastructure that further aligns their curriculum to enhance and support their employability efforts.

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